UAN Login Portal EPFO Balance, Passbook, Status

UAN Login Portal EPFO Balance, Passbook, Status

The authorities have created an online RPFO balance, passport withdrawal and more at for easy access to the UAN entrance portal, EPFO ​​balance, UAN EPFO ​​status on the website. It is now very easy for people to go to your site and get your PF account details. In addition, employees can check data such as KYC, UAN card, PF, service history, etc. You can also learn more about EPFO ​​scales. 

Log into the official UAN portal and know how to enter the portal, register, check the EPFO ​​balance in the full book and check the status of

UAN Login Portal at

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a number assigned to each member of the Employee Insurance Fund organization. This is a 12-digit number that is unique to each employee. Organizations allow people to manage their planned fund accounts. The Department of Labor will provide this number to the employee so that they can access all of the PF information on the website.

Previously, when everyone moved to a new organization, the PF was given a new account number. However, with the help of the UAN, employees can now register all their accounts, including some identification numbers. Employees can transfer funds or simply withdraw funds from the site. We will inform you about the various processes associated with the organization.

EPFO Balance on Portal

Please note that this is a UAN, so non-employees accept it. Employers must also verify KYC documents. They know that UAN is for online functions and employers cannot withhold or reduce PF per capita. Employers can also check loans in EPFO ​​passbook by sending SMS to 7738299899. SMS - EPFOHO UAN ENG. The number used here must be registered on the portal. Employers can download CAS-related information from their website and they target specific employees in their organization. This article describes various processes related to UAN. Read this post to learn about UAN login at, passport access, EPFO ​​balance and EPFO ​​status on the portal.

Employees registered with EPFO ​​do not need to wait for the employer to show the employee the insurance company's report. With UAN, you can access the item from Umang app, e-Sewa portal, missed calls or SMS. With these funds, employees can plan expenses, check balances in the Pension Fund and take out loans.

UAN Login Portal Process

The above paragraph gives the basics of EPF and UAN. To use this function, you must be logged into the UAN portal. I have mentioned the steps here to help you.

🔹 First go to the EPF UAN official website. When you have done so, you will be taken to our home page, where you will need to go to the "Our Services" option. 

🔹 As an employee, you will be redirected to a new page where you will need to go to the UAN Member Settings / Online Services section. 

🔹 Then you will need to enter your UAN, PF-ID and mobile number. 

🔹 Then you need to provide the CAPTCHA and OTP code to receive. 

🔹 Finally, submit the page and login. 

We would also like to inform you about the benefits for UAN employees.

With the usage of UAN, the employees see lesser involvement of the employer, as the PF from an old organization is transfered to the new one.
Employees who register on the portal can receive SMS alerts when the employer makes a contribution.
The employee just has to provide his KYC and UAN details to the current employer and he can then see the transfer of old PF to the current one after verification.

UAN Portal Passbook Balance @

We mentioned above that UAN is for online facilities for the employees. One such is that the employee can obtain his UAN Portal Passbook Balance @ from the portal, for which we have given the steps below.
Visit the UAN portal and on the homepage here, you have to go to the EPFO Passbook Balance link.
You can also visit the EPFO website to obtain the passbook.
After visiting the EPFO website, go to the For Employee option there.
Then, you will see the Member Passbook option on the screen.
From there, you will be taken ahead after you provide your UAN ID and site password.

As mentioned above, UAN is for online staff. One is that employees can check their mailbook balances on the UAN portal @, which shows the following steps. 

🔹 You need to visit the UAN portal and follow the EPFO ​​Balance Balance link on the main page here. 

🔹 You can also get your passport by visiting the EPFO ​​website. 

🔹 After visiting the EPFO ​​website, navigate to the "For Employees" option. 

🔹 The "Membership Brochure" option will appear on the screen. 

🔹 From there, you will be redirected to the site after you provide your UAN ID and password.

🔹 Finally, you can check the balance in your EPFO ​​bank book by entering your member ID and PF account number. 

Checking EPFO ​​Balance In addition to your passport, you can also check your EPFO ​​balance on the portal. Follow the instructions here to check your balance.

🔹 Visit the UAN official website. 

🔹 Then select your balance option on the home page of the website. 

🔹 When you go to this option, you will be presented with a field to enter your UAN ID and password. 

🔹 After entering this data, go to the "Submit" button. 

🔹 You can now check your balance and get a copy of this page to use. 

🔹 Checking the Status of the UAN Registration Portal Now we will introduce you to the procedure for checking the EPFO ​​status on the UAN Portal.

UAN Portal at Login, Status Check FAQs

Q. In what ways can I check my EPF account balance? 

🔹 Employees can easily check their EPF account balance in 4 ways: Wooman App, EPFO ​​Portal, SMS and Missed Calls.

Q. Can I transfer my existing PF account to my current one? 

🔹 Yes, you can access the UAN to migrate your existing PF account to your current one. 

Q. Will UAN help track employee turnover in new companies? 

🔹 Yes, UAN helps to track the change of work of employees in new organizations.

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